Airstream is the king of travel trailers. The launch of their latest model—a modern fiberglass motorhome called Nest—marks a new era for the brand, with a focus on forward-thinking design. Airstream reveal, “With its fiberglass body and automotive styling, the new Nest by Airstream doesn’t look like anything we’ve made before.”

Compact, lightweight, and easy to tow, Nest was designed for the spontaneous traveler. The “perfect sidekick for a last-minute weekend getaway,” its sleek, customizable design comes in two colorways and floor plan options. Designed by Bryan Thompson, the modern, fiberglass shell exterior features six windows, a skylight, and a wide front windshield for panoramic views. There’s even an extendable patio awning to allow users to create an outdoor living space.

Inside, the small space packs a surprising amount of features and amenities. As well as a fully-functional bathroom, the kitchenette comprises plenty of storage, a two-burner cooktop with a cover that creates extra counter space when it’s not in use. Plus, there’s a microwave, a refrigerator with an icebox, and a generously-sized stainless steel sink. The living space includes a U-shaped dining area that can convert into a comfy bed when you’re ready for that post-lunch nap. There are also thoughtful little touches such as bluetooth-controlled LED lights, blackout curtains, and a custom entry mat.

Ready to hit the road? Find out more about the Nest travel trailer via the Airstream website.

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