The escape pod offers a much-needed break for family members for those inevitable times when all you need is space.

Let’s face it, as the family expands, we all get to that point in life when any break from the noise and everything would help greatly.

The bathroom has always been that space but it is too utilitarian to offer any comfort.

This dome-shaped room offers you the opportunity to create your personalized escape space to your liking.

Everything about it, right from the egg shape to the luxurious wood exterior spells comfort. But it is the versatility of this unit that will really get you mesmerized.

First, every piece is unique, tailored for the individual user. Its base is slightly above ground to ensure that no moisture seeps in even during rainy weather.

The heating system depends on personal preferences. The options range from wood-burning and under-floor to regular electrics. Windows and furnishings are also adapted to every user.

Use it as your studio, garden office or even meditation room and enjoy its unique and stylish aspects.