The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people to shift from working in an office to makeshift settings at home. Unfortunately, it’s been a rough adjustment for some who are now working remotely from home, due to factors like not having enough space, having to work while juggling childcare at home, too much noise, a lack of work-life balance, being Zoom-shy — the list goes on. It’s hard to not go loopy while working from home, so it’s little wonder that many remote workers are considering various options in carving out some kind of quiet workspace of their own.

Besides converting a spare room or a corner of the kitchen into a full-fledged office, those with some backyard space might think about setting up a prefabricated cabin as a workspace that is separate from the main home. Coming from the Netherlands, My Home Office is one such prefab unit that can be adapted to a variety of uses — a home office, an extra guest room — and it can even have a toilet and shower installed.

Created by designer Cosmas Bronsgeest, the project came about as a matter of necessity, when he found himself working from home in less than ideal circumstances. As Bronsgeest wryly explains to Netherland News Live:

“My house is not designed to allow you to retreat to Zoom. My son, for example, was attending school online in the front room. My daughter was also online all day while I was working. We were going crazy because of each other. Although I have a studio in Harderwijk, I thought it would be nice to have my own workspace in the garden.”

And so, Bronsgeest decided to design his own place out in the backyard — a quiet place to work, but one that isn’t too sore on the eyes either.

Clad with FSC-certified larch wood, which can last up to 15 years on average when untreated, and lends the structure a warm but modern look, in addition to the cabin’s convenient exterior planters. The fully insulated My Home Office measures approximately 10 feet by 8 feet and is low-profile enough that typically no permit is needed for installation. Though, the company suggests checking with local regulations to ensure this important detail beforehand.

In addition, the prefab structure doesn’t need a concrete foundation, but the company does recommend using some kind of paving surface if sandy soil is present. Usually, the work shed will be anchored into the ground using a system of large ground screws.

The interior has much of the same wood-clad character, but its simple lines give it a minimalist, streamlined look.

The structure has large, full-height glazing on two ends, as well as a large operable window on one side, and another window that wraps down from the roof on the other side, allowing for plenty of natural light to flood in.

Depending on the options chosen, there can be a desk or two installed, a bed that folds down, or both, as well as the possibility of having a toilet or shower installed. There are two outlets and two integrated LED spotlights inside, though more can be installed. Ultimately, the unit can be customized further, depending on the client’s needs. The cabin itself is plug-and-play, meaning all it needs is to be plugged into the main house via an ordinary external electrical connection.

This is indeed one attractive little office shed — versatile enough to be a dedicated workspace, or simply a quiet spot to call one’s own during these hectic times. Pricing for the My Home Office Model 1.0 with one desk starts at $15,576, while the Model 2.0 with the bed will cost $22,375. There’s also the option of renting one month to month, which starts at $299 depending on the model. To find out more, visit My Home Office and their Instagram.

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