Tires are a huge headache when it comes to waste management and recycling, but there are clever DIY ways that each of us can reuse and recycle them and save them from entering the environment or taking up space in our landfills.

Most studies indicate that tires will slowly leach toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment, but many of these studies describe long-term effects when exposed to the elements. It’s probably a good idea to refrain from using them to plant edible plants, but many other applications should be OK, especially if they will be covered in some way or won’t be touched too often.

31. Tire Hanging Planters

32. Tires For Building Houses


33. Simple Tire And Yarn Coffee Table


34. Tire Patio Furniture


35. Tire Christmas Wreath

36. Tire Chandelier


37. Tire Donuts


38. Car Tire Wall In Our Earthship Home

39. Tire Swan

40. Tires Coffee Table Storage

41. Easy Seats

42. “will Chair”

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