For French photographer Audrey Bellot, animals have always had a place in her heart. She’s loved dogs ever since she can remember, and she’s even turned her passion for pups into her career. She’s an expert in dog photography, and focuses on showcasing the beauty of the beloved pets by photographing them in stunning landscapes. Bellot tells My Modern Met, “I sincerely believe that dogs bring a lot to our everyday lives: love, happiness, security, and much more.”

Bellot works all over the world, capturing all sorts of dogs in natural settings. Her ever-growing portfolio includes a portrait of Ohana, a Golden Retriever who posed in a field of lavender. There’s also a husky who sits in a moss-covered woodland and a Samoyed who barks into a snowy landscape. For Bellot, it’s important that her photos capture the unique personality of each dog. “I like to show in my pictures the authentic expressions of dogs in extraordinary natural settings,” she says. “It is important to understand how dogs feel and express their emotions to get captivating portraits.”

As well as capturing the character of her fluffy subjects, Bellot hopes her images will evoke a sense of magic, and remind people how amazing dogs can be. “I often choose combinations of places and dogs that perfectly match both the colors and the atmosphere,” she explains. “It is with these images that I also want to show the world how wonderful and majestic dogs are.”

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