Back in the day you’d say, home is where the family is. Today, with life on the fast lane and homeowners downsizing to smallest convenience possible; home is where there’s least intrusion. If your idea of a home is a mobile facility you can live in on the fast lane, hop onto this incredible motorhome that once served as a Swiss fire engine.

The mobile home is the brainchild of Collectief Soepel. It is tiny and compact on the outlook but by virtue of immaculate engineering and architectural perfection, the living space promises a functional home with accommodation appropriate for a family of five.

Netherlands-based Collectief Soepel is not a household name. But it has been relentlessly catering to the adventure enthusiast; in the wake, it already has its sixth camper ready to roll. For the love of renovation, this one is perhaps the brand’s most special offering. There are two reasons to that: It is tailor-made for a family of five; and that it’s based on a 4X4 Mercedes Vario, retired as a Swiss fire engine.

To make the tiny space comfortable for five members of a family, the interior of the recreational vehicle is realized in a sublime balance of practical usage and sense of space. With use of natural shapes and materials, the space looks far from crampy. There is a birch plywood kitchen provided with ash wood worktop and cabinets sufficing the storage needs spanning the entire length below. Small rectangular and circular windows along with a couple of sky lights allow ample natural light into the living space.

Many details in the interior are created with Platowood however the doors of all the wall units are finished in 100 percent recycled GOGO plastic. What really strikes the eye is a cozy double bed built in the alcove, accessible by climbing handles, and the transforming dinning/living space that accommodates for the sleeping needs of the other family members. A short ladder leads one into the mobile home and on the right side of the entry is the toilet provided with a commode and shower.

Designer: Collectief Soepel

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