Inspired by the landscape of the Shaanxi province, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has won a competition to design the Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre. Located in the growing science and technology hub north of Xi’ian, the building will host cultural and recreational facilities for residents. In winning the competition, ZHA has added to its growing portfolio of contemporary architecture in China.

The complex boasts sinewy lines that are both a signature of ZHA and a nod to the surrounding landscape. The form is intended to mimic the valleys carved by the Jinghe River through the mountains. This masterful design also allows the center to span eight lanes of traffic, expanding its reach across the city.

In line with the metropolis’ existing urban plan, the design incorporates a new multimedia library, performing arts theater, multi-functional halls, studios, and exhibition galleries. These spaces are interlinked via elevated courtyards, gardens, and walkways. The expansive building will not only connect the city’s commercial and residential districts but will also provide direct access to a planned metro station.

The multimedia library, which has a full-height atrium, will include a variety of public reading zones, as well as terraces to take in the view. In true cutting-edge fashion, the library will include immersive virtual reality technologies alongside traditional print materials. The theater, which accommodates 450 people, can be adapted for many different events. It will be surrounded by a multi-functional hall, studios, and galleries, and is intended to be a space that encourages inter-disciplinary collaborations.

True to form, ZHA has also paid careful attention to sustainability in its plans for the Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre. Solar panels, rainwater collection, and the center’s use of natural ventilation are all part of a plan to produce an efficient, eco-friendly space. Additionally, ZHA plans to prioritize locally-produced materials with a high recycled content in order to achieve a 3-star certificate in China’s Green Building program.

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