The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 is now closed, and I invite you to discover the incredible photos of the winners! Organized by the Royal Greenwich Observatory, this photo contest rewards the most beautiful images from astronomy, with amazing photographs unveiling stars, galaxies and other nebulae. Perfect to have your eyes full of stars!

Alexandra Hart

Andras Papp

Andriy Borovkov

Andriy Borovkov

Artem Mironov

Bartlomiej Jurecki

Bernard Miller

Eric Toops

Fabian Dalpiaz

Fu Dingyan

Haitong Yu

Jason Green

Jordi Delpeix

Kamil Nureev

Kurt Lawson

Laszlo Francsics

Michael Wilkinson

Mikkel Beiter

Oleg Bryzgalov

Olivia Williamson

Roger Hutchinson

Sean Goebel

Sebastien Grech

Ye Ziyi

Yuri Zvezdny

Zhong Wu