I’m delighted that Whitney has given me the opportunity to introduce myself to you all, I’m Brian and I waffle on endlessly about food over at Krumpli, I’m originally from the UK but myself and my wife jacked in our real world jobs back in 2008 and moved to a small holding in rural Hungary where we try and grow most of what we eat, not to mention the 100 odd litres of wine we brew a year. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to recipes and cook a huge array of global food usually involving ingredients from our garden.

Alas it is the end of Winter here and whilst it has not been as brutal as some we face fresh food is definitely a little thinner on the ground that at other times of the year. For us that means we rely on our freezer and store cupboard staples, so when Whitney asked me to produce something for her site I thought I would combine one of her favourite ingredients, shrimp, with one of my favourite ways of cooking, stir fry and my Shrimp Stir Fry loaded with garlic, ginger and a wee kick of Chili! This dish is stupidly simple and whilst there maybe ingredients that a few of you are unsure of but they are really common in Chinese food and will be available from all good Asian stores.

I was born in the city of Birmingham in the UK in the mid 1970’s, Britains second city, a multi cultural industrial heartland and a place where I was surrounding by global flavours from the youngest of ages, so my food is just as influenced by the flavours of China, India, North Africa and the Arab States as it is by traditional British flavours. Considering that I live in a small village (Pop: 180ish) and grow most of what I eat, my recipes are remarkably diverse and I would love to see a few of you in the coming weeks over at Krumpli, I like to share my endless rambling with new people and would really love to hear what you think of my Shrimp Stir Fry, don’t worry you can respond here, I’ll get your messages as I stalk Whitney’s site on a regular basis!

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