Art collective group teamLab is known for transforming natural settings through unexpected and noninvasive means. After finishing their exhibition at Kairakuen Gardens in Okiyama, teamLab is setting up a new dreamscape in the Nagai Botanical Gardens in Osaka, which is set to debut this summer, 2022.

Unlike some of their previous installations which are removed after a certain date, teamLab’s surreal experience will become a permanent fixture of the Nagai gardens, as part of the park’s renewal project. Once it is open, this outdoor exhibition will come alive every night with spectacular light shows put on by egg-like orbs scattered across the terrain, illuminating orbs floating on the water, and other captivating displays. As always, these incandescent fixtures are intended to highlight the beauty of the flora in hopes that visitors will take the time to appreciate the environment.

TeamLab’s mission is to explore “the long continuity of time and continue to accumulate meaning in this place today.” Their exhibition works with the setting as a way to emphasize the grandeur that is already there. Its illumination also allows guests to behold nature in a new and interesting way.

The exhibition will open in summer 2022. To receive updates on the exact opening date, you can check out teamLab’s website and Instagram.

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