In the raw, wild mountains of Cuba, Veliz Arquitecto seeks for serenity. Havana-based Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana creates an imaginative refuge for lovers of climbing and nature. With views to the striking landscape in the surrounding valley, the ‘cabins on the mountain’ are delicately placed along the bouldering cliffs as if emerging from the earth. The architect’s visualization shapes the timber structures like cocoons to blend in further.

Soaring out of rocks and trees, the organically-shaped cabins by Veliz Arquitecto unravel in a span of 150sqm. The curved wooden lattices perch upon concrete platforms that almost camouflage amongst the grey tones of the cliff, making the retreats seem to levitate. The design evolves with the front unfolding out onto a welcoming terrace; a balcony ideal for long stargazing nights and sunrises. Conceptualized in two levels, the stairs lead into an open-plan interior, designed to accommodate a bedroom and bathroom with 360° views all around.

To realize the tranquil project, Veliz Arquitecto uses a combination of software programs. Sketchup is his tool of preference for the 3d development, which is then moved into lumion for rendering. After the addition of textures, light and the surroundings, photoshop is used for the final touches. As the result, the digital and dreamy scenography is enough to let the mind escape through the mountains of Cuba.

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