Designed by Minnesota-based architecture firm Coulson, the Disappear Retreat is designed to blend into its surroundings. The innovative glass house not only provides meditative, 360-degree views of the surrounding natural landscape, but it’s also made to minimize “our living footprint to zero energy, zero waste, zero water.” The architects reveal: “Our passion for the environment is not just technical, but extends to the experience of nature.”

Incredibly compact, the 83-square-foot, minimalist structure features reflective solar paneled glass that provides privacy and also camouflages the building amongst the trees. The self-sufficient home requires no active heating or cooling systems (even in extreme weather conditions) thanks to the insulated triple-pane walls and passive solar heating from thin-film photovoltaics, integrated into the south side. The walls also have a UV reflective coating to protect against bird and animal collisions. Rainwater is collected off the shed roof, which is then filtered, treated, and stored in a tank for on-site use.

Inside, the off-grid dwelling is designed with three different minimalist layouts. Options include the Basic model, a flexible open-plan for multipurpose use; Bed+Bath, with a built-in sofa-bed and bathroom; and a Sauna model, which has built-in wood benches and sauna heater.

You can find out more about the Disappear Retreat on Coulson’s website.

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