Post-Impressionists like Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne captured their natural surroundings with fantastical arrays of color and expressive brush strokes. Russian artist Vera Shimunia is carrying on the tradition, albeit in a different medium; she creates amazing landscape embroidery art.

Shimunia's expansive portfolio features an array of different destinations. From bucolic grassy meadows to blooming fields of flowers to stunning purple mountainscapes, she renders each place with a variety of colored threads and stitching techniques to make them all the more mesmerizing. Another fascinating aspect of her embroidery art is the way she is able to convey the depth of a landscape on such a small scale. Just like a real painting, her precious hoops offer an immersive view into the multicolored scenery.

Shimunia sees her art as a way to encourage others in their own creativity. “I would like all people to notice the beauty around them and be inspired,” she tells My Modern Met. “Don't be afraid to create.” Rather, look at each creation as an opportunity to learn something new. “Even if an artistic experiment turns out badly,” Shimunia shares, “I'm glad I tried it.”

You can purchase Shimunia's original embroidery art via her Etsy shop—which is updated weekly—and keep up to date with the artist's latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.