A metropolis of skyscrapers, frenetic sidewalks and dazzling nightlife, Hong Kong’s thriving economy has always fallen short on one thing – food security. The city is dangerously dependent on food import; a shocking 90 percent of the total food supply in Hong Kong is imported. While we have over 300 conventional, industrial farms that account for 36.5 tons of produce daily, the inevitable impact of climate change and our growing population has led the charge for much needed sustainable agricultural solutions.

A wave of urban farming has been gaining traction in our concrete jungle. Founded by individuals who are passionate about sustainability, these modern alternative farming methods are changing the landscape of our city for the better. With a desire for fresh, locally grown produce, here are Hong Kong’s urban farming pioneers.

Common Farms

The first indoor specialty produce farm since 2017, Common Farms supplies premium microgreens and edible flowers to some of Hong Kong’s top F&B establishments. Founded by three childhood friends with an affinity for growing fresh, quality foods in their hometown, the team is driven by a passion to revitalize local agriculture rooted in an environmentally sustainable approach. Grown in Hong Kong (Cheung Chau, to be specific) for the people of Hong Kong, Common Farms offers plenty of varieties from basil to broccoli, radishes to wheatgrass (including coveted microgreens’ varieties) and more.

Rooftop Republic

Since 2015, Rooftop Republic has been transforming city spaces into healthy, productive urban farms. From design, set up, and management, this award-winning multi-disciplinary team is the go-to to help revolutionize underutilized rooftops and empty walls into customized farming solutions. Hosting workshops, talks and events to teach adults and the next generation about the fundamentals of organic farming, the social enterprise has successfully established 50 urban farms across Hong Kong.

Wildroots Organic

A sustainable organic farm located in Sheung Shui, Wildroots Organic is the brainchild of Fai Hui, a certified horticulturist and agriculture inspector. An urban farming specialist with a long roster of clients – Bank of America Tower, Hong Kong Fringe Club, major universities, and Nan Fung Tower to name a few – the seven-year company designs and manages sky farming setups to build edible landscapes amongst our densely populated city. They also supply seedlings to get your vertical farm up and running as well as host Organic Farming & Environmental Sustainability workshops for schools, companies and organizations.


A sleek hydroponics farm located in bustling Causeway Bay, Farmacy grows over 300 species of herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers – all unhampered by weather and seasonal patterns in a fully-controlled, enclosed environment. Founded by five MBA grads from HKU, the year-old company aims to enable smart city farming through a new generation of hydroponic technology and botanic research to promote the growing seed-to-table movement.

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